Beneath a Steel Sky: The Sparrow and the Saint

A little after the release of the imposing first example that was The Audient Void off their coming self-titled full length, Glasgow's Beneath a Steel Sky reveal the nine-minute long, venturous composition, The Sparrow and the Saint, which is another piece of instrumental post rock beauty and fineness.

Not only because of its title and cover art, The Sparrow and the Saint, brings to mind the extreme weightiness of Red Sparowes through its massive first moments, before it ultimately transforms into something mistier and more ruminative, showing the band's prowess in maintaining the stability between force and fragility.

Beneath a Steel Sky is an act forged in the age of quarantine, with all the work having been recorded and mixed remotely, a band which has never materialized into something other than an online collaboration, yet, what they have offered so far doesn't seem to be showing any signs of lack of expertise nor inexperience.

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