Happy Science: Lie To Me

Happy Science is a fairly new act from Oakland, California composed of Kyle and Brennan Payne. The band's online presence thus far has been very low-key, but their sound is pretty big, venturous and overall very impressive, having a shoegaze foundation and mingling components from post rock, slowcore, drone and more experimental approaches.

The band released their first EP, Extended Play Record 1, last year, and have just returned with a strong new single of shoegaze and post rock wistfulness and expansion. Lie To Me was mixed by Vladimir Nosyrev whose credits also include shoegazers Pinkshinyultrablast among many others, and it sounds immaculately sharp from end to end. The six-minute piece shows steady indications of development for the enigmatic band, and although it crops up in an unobtrusive manner, it also appears to be a rather momentous release for them.

"This song is about being in a toxic relationship from the perspective of someone without a lot of relationship experience," the band explain. "It's about being lied to by someone that you love."

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