Idle Pilot: Blind Initiation

Boston noise rockers, Idle Pilot, are gearing up for the release of their next album, Balancing Act, expected out September 9th, 2020. The first single which derived from the coming album displayed more of the band's continuous influence for the the noise rock forefront, and bands like Fugazi, Minutemen and Drive Like Jehu, while it also flirts pretty diligently with the agitation of post hardcore and math rock.

Blind Initiation is intricate enough, going through all the aforementioned styles, while staying on the band's louder and more unnerved side. The new single finds the band also boldly expanding on the emo rock qualities of their songwriting without stepping at all away from the abrasive sound that established them as a conspicuous act for the genre many releases ago. A tension-inducing breakdown spices up the composition with more complexity, before it returns to its previous punk ferocity in an entirely consistent and unforced manner.

Idle Pilot are Alex Miller, Evan Lord and Mike Searcy. More from where this came will follow soon.

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