ERIIS: Tulsa

Composed of experienced musicians and friends, Naomi Sijmons (Reena Riot), Mirabelle Van de Put (Nightwitches) and Laura Lee Schultz (Down the Lees), ERIIS is a fresh, politically and socially conscious band based in Ghent, Belgium. The band released their debut single, Tulsa, on Bandcamp Friday, August 7th, 2020 to benefit Belgian Network for Black Lives.

Tulsa is an emotive grunge rocker, written about the Tulsa Race Riots that occurred in 1921, told from the perspective of a resident who shelters a black family during the massacre. Instrumentally hefty and featuring a heart-rending, yet, sturdy performance from the trio, the song is a striking first offering from an act which had to halt its first bookings and studio time due to the pandemic, but whose prospect doesn't seem to be ceasing any time soon.

Cover art by Mirabelle Van de Put

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