Iress: Nest

Nest is the third single from Flaw, the anticipated new LP by Southern Californian band, Iress, whose amalgamation of heavy, doomy rock, shoegaze and post punk has been quite imposing through the first couple of pieces that the album has originated.

Keeping up with the recurring ocean theme which runs throughout the whole record, Nest unsurprisingly comes quite tough to place, and it fuses a set of disparate types and genres in the most consummate of ways, while it juxtaposes its massive heaviness with a more approachable songwriting style, equivalent to that of the venerated alternative rock nineties, but always forward looking.

Flaw is expected to be a pragmatic album which deals which themes as real as addiction, despondency and despair. It was recorded and produced by Sarah Tudzin, mixed by Collin Pastore, and mastered by Jett Galindo, and it releases September 18th, 2020.

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