Hallan: Modern England

Continuing with the wit and tongue in cheek attitude of their last couple of singles, UK quartet, Hallan, release another acute piece with an observational character and a sharp sound, once more delivered through the band's fidgety way. Modern England deals exactly with what its title describes, and in its lyrics lies one of the band's most powerful qualities: their experiential and existential kind of direct poetry.

Frontman, Conor Clements, describes the new song: "It’s the characters in our town, the conversations they have and what we see on our television sets. We want to reflect what’s going on in the here. We don’t want to make a one-sided political message or talk for a generation. The song is exactly what it sounds like. A condensed England if you will. With so many strange and vapid trends gripping the nation sometimes you have to take it all in and find some humour beneath the surface. Pugs and face changing apps. What's that all about? And how could we forget Brexit? It’s a good job we all have our red passports. But then again does anyone in the country have a clue what’s ever going on? Maybe it’ll all blow over if I stick to my microwave dinner and keep my eyes on the screen."

Hallan are Conor Clements (lead vocals), Josh Ransley (guitar), Joshua Tweedale (bass guitar) and Adam Mills (drums). The band has joined Nice Swan Records and RIP Records' coalition for the Nice Swan Introduces... series, and they keep gaining ground having supported acts like Porridge Radio and Sports Team.

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