Taverns: Flamewalker

Chattanooga sludge rockers return with a new single, their first since their self-titled debut EP from last year, while they prepare for an upcoming four-song release scheduled for September 4th, 2020.

Flamewalker is consistent with the Taverns' heavy, southern rock 'n' roll and the punch of their solid previous release, full of sharp riffs and distinguished by a fiery vocal delivery,. The new track pulls its concept from actual events which involved the group's vocalist narrowly escaping death in an apartment fire, and it comes with a lyric clip of correspondingly scorching visuals.

Taverns are David Ziegler (guitar. vocals), David Watson (drums), Derek Michael Burgess (bass. vocals), Cory Love (vocals) and Jon Shrum (guitar).

Band photo courtesy of Taverns

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