Besra: Unsullied

Super-heavy post metal band, Besra, release new single and video, Unsullied, chronicling a story about mental and physical abuse, and continuing its narrative from the bands previous music video for the song Pariah. The new single was initially recorded during the sessions for the Besra's debut full length, Anhedonia, from 2018, but it was left out as the band found it musically disparate to the rest of the album.

Vocalist and keyboardist Hannes Hietarinta describes: "Unsullied felt like it wasn't musically aligned with the rest of the songs on Anhedonia so we decided to leave it out from the album to be released later as an individual piece. Now it felt like a good time to release it with a video."

A crushingly weighty post metal epic with a progressive rock character that goes through elements of doom, sludge and post hardcore, all of which build the track's intense personality, Unsullied presents all of the different dynamics in which Besra thrive, and presents a farseeing band which is not afraid to experiment even more with the hybrid genre with which it's associated, and defy its principles.

Unsullied comes with a cinematic video directed by Joni Tuominen, shot by Atte Heinonen and produced with the band.

"It felt very logical to also shoot a music video for the song in a way that with its thematic it would work as a continuum for the previous musical short film Pariah and also end a certain musical era for Besra," drummer Ville Kaisla says. "We still want to tell the tales of people who constantly struggle with mental health issues or have experienced mental or physical abuse in their lives. This subject is surrounded by certain culture of obmutescence which makes solving matters even harder."

Besra are Hannes Hietarinta, Ville Kaisla, Ville Kujansuu, Johannes Nygård and Pekko Seppälä, musicians whose work we have previously enjoyed in bands like Callisto, Rites of the Youth, While I'm Alive and Cassie.


Band photo by Minttu Nurminen

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