Public Body: Ask Me Later

Following the recent single, Naughty On My Bike, which presented the fresh band's fundamental post punk abrasiveness, Brighton's Public Body release Ask Me Later, another honest and conscious single which examines daily routine and monotony.

Ask Me Later was produced by the band’s guitarist Theo Verney who has also worked on production for music by acts like TRAAMS, Egyptian Blue, Home Counties and Lazarus Kane. The new song finds the band continuing being notably agile and observational, and an overall crisp new voice for the genre.

Graphic designer and artist Emil Mniszko, responsible for the single's artwork, describes: “Labour-oppressive wellness initiatives; mechanic lubricants. Half a decade of unprocessed bitterness, constricted by social norms as corporate structures. The Program fails through successive firmware updates while, in the background, slideshow graphics show that rage tends towards infinity. The face of a destabilized workforce in a society that secretes symbolic concessions as a defense reflex against meaningful change. Your positive attitude is keeping us all in line.

Public Body are Seb Gilmore (guitar, vocals) Theo Verney (guitar), Joe Stevens (bass), and Thom Mills (drums).

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