Grim Earth: Haunted

Washington heavy rockers, Grim Earth, arrive with a distinguishing extreme metal sound which draws from doom metal, stoner rock, sludge, hardcore and death metal, as the band distills all of its influences into something very direct. Grim Earth have recently signed with Irish label, Aonair Records, and released the superbly forceful Stash Of The Damned EP in September 2019.

The band's hard-hitting sound is evidently established on gigantic, doomy riffs, steady rhythms and incredibly punchy vocals. Grim Earth channel the the genre's vanguard and the state of the art brutality of acts like Eyehategod, Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard, and emerge as a very hopeful and excessively loud voice for the newer generation of Sabbathesque metal bands.

In just fourteen minutes, Stash of the Damned is an absolutely relentless release, fully drowned in fuzz and distortion, exciting at its faster moments and overpowering at the slower tempos on which the band comfortably excels. EP opener, Haunted is representational of a sturdy and gifted quartet ready to bloom.

Grim Earth are Craig Moore (vocals, guitar), Elmer Saez (vocals, bass), Eaon Forgash (guitar) and Austin Peterson (drums).


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