Iress: Underneath

Dark heavy rockers and all around genre fusing act, Iress, follow the punch in the stomach that was Shamed, their previous single and introductory track to their coming record, with another piece of immaculately well done, gazey, atmospheric doom rock. Underneath is the second single from the anticipated album, Flaw, expected in September 2020 and produced by Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties.

Once again, the band's unfeigned delivery comes forth as one of the many memorable qualities that the song imprints on the listener soul, with others being the production's acuteness and the writing's pathos, while the chemistry between musical weightiness and lyrical melancholy couldn't have been any more organic and intrinsic.

Iress have opened for top-tier acts such as Brutus, Slothrust, and Sunflower Bean, and it's only natural to expect that their rise to the summit of their kind is starting to look very probable for them.

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