Agent blå: Atopos

Gothenburg's Agent blå (pronounced agent blue) have announced a new three-track EP which will be following their couple of full lengths and EP from the last few years, all of which have been catalytic in the formation of their strong early reputation since their emergence in 2017. Atopos EP will be out on Kanine Records, and it's being introduced by its very much appealing title track.

Taking a different direction from last year's full length, Morning Thoughts, Agent blå acted on the spontaneity which characterizes their creative mechanism, and with a completely DIY and hands-on mindset they recorded, mixed, and produced their new material entirely on their own. The band describe their process as “something that strangely felt like growing up and going back to our roots at the same time. We shed our old skin to start something new and fresh, but also embraced the DIY approach we had when we first started the band and on the first album.

Jangly guitars, hammering rhythms and a lot of dark tunefulness all come together as a firm unit which lingers between shoegaze pop and post punk, and become accentuated by vocalist Emelie Alatalo's delivery which has a propensity to appear detached and deeply sentimental in equal measures. She says that the new song is about “heartache and fostering the thought that youʼre deservant of it, because thatʼs what youʼve been taught.

Each member of the band adds their own layer to the sound, each addition bringing a new unique perspective,” Alatalo comments on the method the music is being brought to life. “Nothing would sound the same if you removed one of us from the writing process.


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