Hope The Flowers: Rewind Nature

Hope The Flowers is a post rock act from Bangkok, Thailand, initially created as the individual project by guitarist Hon - Narongrit Ittipolnavakul, and later evolved into a fully fledged band. Sonorous Faith PT​.​1 is the group's third album, a splendid exhibition of their expansive post rock finesse which frequently feels rather gritty and heavy, and oftentimes presents the more fragile and melodious facet of the band's sound.

The eight-minute epic, Rewind Nature, closes the eight-song album on a high note, as it explores the rising band's cinematic nature, and surfaces completely magnetic and instrumentally forceful, lush, grand, and produced to utmost perfection. The track's art house essence is enhanced by the pictorially vivid and charming video which comes with it, directed and edited by Narongrit Ittipolnavakul.

The overall pretty weighty Sonorous Faith PT​.​1 is expected to be followed by a second part that will be leaning more on Hope The Flowers' softer side, but will be exploring the same concept, revolving around faith and spirituality.


Cover Art by Rangsiwaht Yamkasikorn (Photo Edit : NASA Images)

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