Diagram: All Night (Remix)

Diagram is a Berlin based collaborative act by Hákon Aðalsteinsson (The Third Sound, Brian Jonestown Massacre) from Iceland and Fredrik Sunesen (The Third Sound) from Denmark. The project released its debut album, Transmission Response, in 2019 through Fuzz Club, and followed it a few months ago with 8 Tracks, a release that expressed more of their experimental proclivities.

The original version of All Night was part of Diagram's debut, and it is now presented in a brand new version remixed by the band themselves, and indicative of the analog electronic direction which they're expected to follow in their next offerings.

With a minimal proto electronica direction which reflects on krautrock, dreampop, synth punk and post punk, Diagram appear very much inventive, as both facets of their sound, whether that's their post punk slant or the more electronic-bent disposition, all seem sharp and well constructed. The moody punk nature of the original All Night gives way to something more exploratory, and shows the band's intentions for innovation, sounding totally downright authentic while implementing bits and elements from the best of the genres it amalgamates, achieving the most out of their stately underground influences.

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