Guru: Roses

Brighton indie punks, Guru, had a very successful run of early singles in 2019 when they emerged as one of the genre's most hopeful young acts, and toured with groups like Slaves, Lady Bird and Heavy Lungs. The band now continue their practice of raw energy, acidic lyricism, driven delivery and powerful production with their new single, Roses. This time their writing feels more approachable than ever, without having their punk mettle tamed and compromised.

Frontman Tommy Cherrill comments on the new single: “Roses is about the uphill struggle of trying to get anything done when you're at the bottom of the pecking order, whilst simultaneously knowing you don't want to be anything like the people at the top. It's about playing the game even though you don't want to, levelling with yourself that every step you take closer to success, can potentially cause you to become less like the change you want to see. I thought this was best exemplified by the gifting of a rose, which can be seen as both a gesture of gratitude, and of buttering someone up. I guess now is a better time than ever to put this out - with leaders, landlords, employers etc all showing a remarkable lack of empathy to the everyday lives and wellbeing of those less fortunate. It shouldn't be necessary that people in the most vulnerable of positions have to work the hardest to enact compassionate change which should come from the top.

Roses arrives through Permanent Creeps Records on July 22nd, 2020.

Photo courtesy of Permanent Creeps Club

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