Jaye Jayle: The River Spree

It's been very clear that Jaye Jayle's unconventional creative spirit is going to be put to use in the upcoming Prisyn, the album created almost entirely on an iPhone app which features the contribution of Ben Chisholm (White Horse, Revelator, Chelsea Wolfe) as collaborator and producer. New single, The River Spree, was written in the American heartland, but it speaks ardently about Berlin, and it comes evocative of the city's underground past, as well as the work of some of the music legends affiliated with the place, and to whom the song refers.

Evan Patterson explains: "I made this original composition while on the driving from St. Louis to Denver. This particular drive is one of the worst in the country. The long straight and barren stretch of Highway that rolls through the entire state of Kansas gifts one a purgatory-like aura. My story of wandering the streets of Berlin while tripping on acid made for an ideal narrative. I could close my eyes and be transported back to that particular evening. And now, you can too."

The song comes with a video created by Patterson himself.

Prisyn comes out August 7th, 2020 through Sargent House.

Video Created by Evan Patterson

Artist photo by A.F. Cortes

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