Flesh of Morning: We Are / Death Becomes Bitter

Flesh of Morning is a collaborative project composed of Faiza Kracheni who played in hardcore bands such as Body Pressure and Mindless, and Travis Benson from True Faith who are fresh off the release of their self-titled EP. Together the two artists create something that has a coldwave foundation, taking a directly minimal electronic approach, like something that derives straight from the darkest facet of the eighties.

The project's demo features two songs, We Are and Death Becomes Bitter, both quite imposing, and putting in force the grittier and murkier aspect of darkwave. While the first track appears lowlier and more obscure, the lengthier, more goth club-ready, Death Becomes Bitter reveals a clearer look at the duo's proneness for experimentation.

Flesh of Morning's demo is out now through Annals Imprint.

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