D//E Premiere: Lore City: It’s All Happening

Portland-based art rock duo, Lore City, will be following their first two albums, Absence and Time and Kill Your Dreams from 2013 and 2014 respectively, with their third full length, Alchemical Task, expected out on October 6th, 2020 through Lore City Music, and introduced with It’s All Happening which streams for the first time ever below.

Lore City consist of married couple Laura Mariposa Williams (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Eric Angelo Bessel (percussion, keyboard, guitar) who met in 2003 as students of the College of Visual & Performing Arts at Syracuse University, and later reconnected to form the band in 2011.

Imposing for its almost ten-minute entirety, the wonderful It's All Happening alludes to the latest period of Swans, the dark genre mixture of Have A Nice Life and the more experimental aspect of post rock staples like A Silver Mt. Zion, as well as the celebrated 4AD catalog, still, the inherent genuineness in the couple's songwriting abilities can't be doubted. Haunting vocally, atmospheric and elegiac overall, from one end to the other the song is a grand display of the glumness and the strong, almost transcendental sentimentality of which Lore City are capable.

"The album’s title, Alchemical Task, expresses how we are spiritual beings having a human experience," Laura Mariposa Williams comments on the coming album. "After reading a bookcase of astrology and eastern philosophical texts, I’ve deepened my belief that we are all one consciousness, experiencing life subjectively."

Album artwork by Nancy L. Greco
Artist photo courtesy of Lore City


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