Mayflower Madame: Sacred Core

Sacred Core is the third single from Prepared For A Nightmare, the second album by Norwegian alternative rockers, Mayflower Madame, which is also the band's most realized work thus far. Mayflower Madame's take on shoegaze and post punk may bear resemblance to the grit of The Jesus And Mary Chain and the tunefulness of Echo & The Bunnymen, yet their darker ways make up for something that is overall individualistic and fresh.

The single comes with a new video which is once again directed by visual artist Astrid Serck.

"To me, the song is like a large, open landscape - it is massive and stable, yet fluid by its suggestive and almost hypnotic power," the video's director describes. "I wanted to capture that feeling visually with footage from, for example, wind turbines and beaches where there are constant, rhythmic movements in interaction with fixed, steady surroundings. A contrast between movement and silence. Something stable to hold on to as well as something loose and vibrating. The core is what you hold on to. The movement is what you can let go of. The sun's rays dazzle you, like a holy, shimmering light, the moon dances disturbingly. In the video there is also an abandoned house with an open door - which gives me the feeling of something lost, you can go back there, but only the memories are left. In addition, I have used live recordings of the band filmed from shows in Oslo and San Diego."

Video by Astrid Serck

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