Ancient Channels: Carpe Noctem

Naming influence from Siouxsie & The Banshees' Juju era, as well as sci-fi soundtracks and contemporary noise rock, Brisbane's Ancient Channels release their new single, Carpe Noctem, and push their sound toward post punk territories. The fresh song introduces the band's upcoming debut album, Moments In Ruin, expected in its entirety soon.

A few months after the very much auspicious, and dreamier, Footprints In The Dark, the duo composed of Kelly Hanlon and Chris Preindel show more of their aptness for genre fusion and sonic amalgamation, with their clear ability for intricate song construction, and augmentation through a wealthy style of instrumentation which prominently includes sharp guitars and heavy synths.

Thematically Carpe Noctem celebrates the night directly, and consequently it goes as far as hinting at the darkness in people's lives. "A time when our hopes, wants and deepest fantasies coalesce in our subconscious and dance about in our dreams," the band gracefully describe.

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