Bestial Mouths: IN RUINS

Fairly fresh off their fantastic EP, INSHROUDSS, from late 2019, Bestial Mouths return with new single, IN RUINS, a dazzlingly dark piece which introduces the band's upcoming full length, RESURRECTEDINBLACK. It finds Lynette Cerezo collaborating again with Alex DeGroot, and sounds all the way true to the sharp darkwave sound, the creative production, propulsive rhythms and the grand vocals, and all those elements which have highlighted Bestial Mouths as one of the finest acts of its kind.

The song also comes with a great sentiment. The band share: "In support of Black Lives Matter and helping fight the systemic racism in America and its police, all proceeds from this song off our upcoming LP RESURRECTEDINBLACK will be donated to over 70 community bail funds, activist organizations and racial justice organizers via ActBlue."

Unsurprisingly, the new song cuts very deeply, and Bestial Mouths continue to advance, more than ten years after the band's inception.

Cover art by Justin Pape

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