Soft Black: Midas Tongue

Led by the songwriting strength of Vincent Cacchione, Brooklyn band, Soft Black, return after a rather long break during which Cacchione was more focused on his other project, Caged Animals. The band, which is also being described as a collective, and whose roster has included members of DIIV, Beach Fossils, Air Waves, Friends, and Lost Boy?, released three albums and a couple of EPs in the time of their initial run, and new single, Midas Tongue, becomes their noble reemergence in the underground music scene.

Midas Tongue is a dark-bent psychedelic pop piece with qualities that verge on krautrock and shoegaze, while its rich instrumentals and good production are up to the high standards that Soft Black have set with their earlier material. "A visceral protest song aimed at an authority figure who turns lies into gold," the band describe the song whose release surfaces surely promising for the project's immediate future.

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