Light Screamer: Dawn

After re-establishing their act as a trio, Light Screamer from Örebro, Sweden, follow their acclaimed albums, Gauss and Switch from 2013 and 2018 respectively, with their third full length Reap. The album was introduced a few weeks ago with the excellent single, Reaper, while Dawn, another focus track, features the contribution of Brett Bradford from Texan noise rockers, Scratch Acid, and comes to be another piece characteristic of the punch in Light Screamer's sound.

The rest of the album excels through the rawness of its production, and unveils a handful of different aspects of the band's songwriting, with most of the songs leaning boldly toward a based post punk sound, while others tend to go off toward other subgenres of alternative and traditional rock, sometimes heavier, more chaotic and experimental, and other times a on a more melodious side, and easier to take in, yet, always guitar-driven and well executed.

Reap was mixed and mastered by Philip Henning, and produced by the band. Light Screamer are Ida Andersson-Norrie, Jens Hellman and Peter Lindström.

Cover art by Win Wallace

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