Korine: Fate

The Night We Raise will be the second full length by Philadelphia-based synthpop duo, Korine, scheduled to come out on September 4th, 2020 through Born Losers Records in the US and Data Airlines in Europe. The album's announcement comes together with the strong first single, Fate, and the accompanying self-directed video.

Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye who comprise Korine, found each other in Philadelphia coming from other places, New York and West Virginia respectively. In 2017 the band issued their first EP, Corsage, alongside a photo zine which was put together during the songwriting process, and followed it with their very well received debut full length, New Arrangements, the next year.

Strongly founded on eighties new wave, electropop and post punk, the duo has shown steady signs of evolution since their early days, and seem to be coming up with their most cultivated and developed work thus far, without losing any of their DIY mentality and attitude.

"We know what we want to sound like more than anyone else, so it works best for us this way," Trey Frye says. "If we don't know how to do something or make something sound the way we want, we teach ourselves."

Morgy Ramone describes the coming album's concept: "The Night We Raise is largely about anticipation, like seeing the top of a steep hill and envisioning yourself as you descend. Between the dark and dense are feelings of optimism, admiring things that are beautiful, and being true to yourself. There is freedom in knowing who you are and I think this album is a representation of that idea."

Fate introduces a very promising album, as the band continue to explore the possibilities of their creativity, which at this point seem very bright.


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