Light Screamer: Reaper

Swedish noise rockers, Light Screamer, will be following their well received previous albums, 2013's Gauss and Switch from 2018, with their upcoming third full length, Reap, incoming June 12th, 2020 through Nominata Records.

The very much fierce, all the way tense and overall terrific lead single, Reaper, couldn't have been a more convincing introduction to the album, and shows the band's consistency and progress, as well at their ingenuity in writing. Described by its creators as "a song about rising up against the evil forces of the world," Reaper seethes charmingly and affects through its memorable qualities and the fantastic execution by the band which seems to be adjusting pretty comfortably to their new formation, as Reap is going to be their first ever outing as a trio.

Light Screamer are composed of founding members Ida Andersson-Norrie and Jens Hellman, alongside Johan Kekki who joined the band on drums recently. Despite their share of praise and the accolades they have received from parts of the press and musicians like Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) and Brett Bradford (Scratch Acid), they still remain criminally underrated.


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