Our Last Enemy: Never Coming Back

Returning with a very rich combination of darkwave, industrial, gothic rock and contemporary metal, Sydney act, Our Last Enemy, will soon be releasing their yet untitled upcoming album which was produced by the band, mixed by acclaimed producer D.W. Norton (Superheist, Alchemist, Sydonia, Frankenbok, Frenzal Rhomb, Mindsnare), and features John Sankey (Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Devil You Know, Devolved) on drums.

Impossible to overpass, first single off the album is Never Coming Back, a ripping, solidly and powerfully built track which carries the most furious and intense attributes from both industrial rock and metal. The track flawlessly brings together the best of the electronic and the more traditional qualities in the band's multifarious sound, while its accompanying video, directed by The Blackley Brothers, is downright excellent, and paralleled to the music's industrial metal aesthetics through its 2000s feel.

"This song is about us, and how we were unsure if we'd make another album," the band state. "The title of the song is in reference to rumours we had heard that as a band we would never come back. The lyrics detail a lot of the issues we faced, there's even direct references to arguments had within the band. We fought to get back - we fought ourselves, our lives, each other, money, and the industry. we’re proud of that."

Our Last Enemy have been around since 2006, and they have toured with Static X, Dope, Prong, Mnemic, Soil, Pain, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Fozzy, Combichrist and Perturbator.


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