KYOTY: Isolation: Languish

Since April 2020 New Hampshire instrumental post metal band, KYOTY, have been indulging in a set of releases which comprise the Isolation series. In quick succession the band has just revealed the fifth entry in the series, Isolation: Languish, a brilliant eight and a half-minute piece of beautiful progression, metallic edge and cathartic eruption which males for something incredibly weighty and mind-numbing.

"We are living in times of separation, through which connection wilts and blooms as we struggle to maintain some semblance of what was," say the band about the entire series. "The Isolation series is written and recorded collaboratively across the internet while we are separated from one another. Intent on exploring our isolation through music, KYOTY will be releasing one song every Friday until we can connect in person again. It is our way of reaching out to each other, and to you."

Having gone through a few lineup changes since their inception in 2009, KYOTY have released one full length (twice, in two different versions), an EP, a few singles and split releases with Host and SEA, and apparently 2020 finds them very much active and creative even while in quarantine.

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