Jools: Almost Famous

Rising post punk stars, Jools, now have a whole trilogy of first singles of which to be proud, as they're following the radical Hysterical Starving Naked and Spineless with an equally insurgent creative effort.

New track, Almost Famous, is another dynamic cut which asserts for the third time in a row that Jools are far from being a lightning in a bottle, and that eventually they're in for the long haul.

"Almost Famous celebrates the existence of powerful women. The narrative is personal, suggesting that I would give the world to the woman that changed mine forever," frontman Mitch Gordon comments on the song. "The concept is far wider, with the title highlighting the ever-growing recognition for women within our society - our mother’s, daughter’s, sister’s, lovers. The song was inspired by historical women’s rights movements, such as ‘The Equal Rights’ and ‘Women’s Lives’ marches. The future is female, and I look forward to it."


Artist photo by Hazkirkcreative

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