NOUS: We Hope the Weather Will Continue

Only a week ahead of the release of the album's entirety, We Hope the Weather Will Continue becomes the newest track revealed off NOUS III by the very much dexterous experimental post rockers, NOUS.

The song, based on simple original idea, organically transforms into something incredibly elaborate, demonstrative and emotional primarily due to the involved musicians' adroitness, and becomes another strong specimen of the all-star band's ingenuity. Like many of the project's previous offerings it comes together with an engaging performance clip.

"We Hope the Weather Will Continue was one of a few improvisational experiments combining odd meters with an electronic underpinning, which was an important facet of these original NOUS sessions," Christopher Bono, the mastermind behind the NOUS moniker says of the song.

"The seed material presented to the players as fodder for improvisation was a series of notated asymmetrical 7/4 rhythms, with a structure guided by minimal synthesizer loops triggered from Ableton Live to provide a path for the piece. The simplicity of the original seed ideas allowed the extraordinary talents of the participating players to emerge in the moment. This track in particular highlights the virtuosic rhythmic sensibility of drummer Greg Fox.

"The analog prophet synth driving an Ampeg bass amp provided a heavy and interesting electro-acoustic contrast to the talented ACME & Y-Music classical ensemble musicians who joined the core quintet on this session."

NOUS III comes out May 29th, 2020 via Our Silent Canvas.


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