Dumb: My Condolences // Live At Tapetown

Another lyrically cunning piece off the latest album by Canadian indie rockers, Dumb, gets the live in studio treatment with a sharp as usual Tapetown session. Like the previously released Content Jungle, the conciser My Condolences is part of the band's sophomore album, Club Nites, which came out in 2019 through Mint Records.

Owing to an almost impassive, yet, thick performance which comes evocative of both The Fall on one hand and Pavement on the other, the song redresses the balance in astuteness and intrigue what it lacks in length, as it crisply bridges post punk with lo-fi rock, by way of noise rock. The band set out the efficiency of their live act for one more time, and deliver another commendable performance in the Danish studio's so far letter-perfect series of sessions.

Video by Oliver Stewart & Victor Sousa

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