D//E Exclusive Premiere: The Tunnel: Reckoning

Commendable and consistently gloomy San Francisco noise rock trio, The Tunnel, have an interesting series of releases scheduled to come out these days. First there's Shapeshifter, an eight-song compilation which brings together the band's digital EPs from 2018 and 2019. Then there was their recent split single with Thought Leaders, and finally a brand new four-track release, The Nightfall EP, which is scheduled to come out May 19th, 2020.

The new EP has been previously introduced with its fine title track, now followed by Reckoning, a dark piece of deranged post punk and noise rock essence that arrives alongside a video of correspondingly dark and distorted visuals directed by the band's own, Jeff Wagner.

Between deathrock, post punk and garage rock, and like something that summarizes the effectual darkness of bands like The Birthday Party, The Gun Club and The Sound, Reckoning puts on view The Tunnel's underappreciated flair for compelling and daring musicianship, while its accompanying clip supplies an expressive visual match to the overall dark poise.

The Tunnel are Sam Black (bass, electronics), Michael Jacobs (drums), and Jeff Wagner (voice, guitar).

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