Eyes Behind the Veil: Through A Glass Darkly

Lazy Legs' Michael Tenzer returns with his solo side project, Eyes Behind The Veil, this time taking a completely ambient and minimal direction with the new EP, Held by Grief, which we wrote and recorded in only two weeks.

"I made it as a reprieve from self-isolation, to use warm ambient textures as a way to soothe the mind and create some space away from everything that's been going on," says the artist, who manages to channel the exploratory ambiance of acts like Stars On The Lid, William Basinski, Steve Roach, and Brian Eno in the most graceful and revered of ways.

The EP is composed of four songs, all of which are close to the five minute mark hence very compact given the sound and style, still, they all come together coherently as a close-knit quartet of tracks which explores the same moods and concepts, resulting in something that has the air of being both outright experimental and familiar.

Hypnotic and elegant, Through A Glass Darkly exemplifies the artist's vision for an ambient drone sound, and strikes as esoteric and enlightened as its exquisite influences.

Cover photo by Mink Mingle

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