D//E Premiere: Wax Heart Sodality: Incel-Dumb Scene Kid

Rising alternative rockers, Wax Heart Sodality, come forth with their third single release, a piece that combines the dark approach of their debut, Alphas, and the psychedelic character of its immediate predecessor, Hoodwinked. The new song, Incel-Dumb Scene Kid, produced by Mouses frontman, Steven Bardgett, deals with a dark subject matter, circling around topics such as unanswered love and involuntary celibacy, and it once again presents the band's aptness in combining styles through its well compounded passages of post punk, hard rock and the blues.

"The song, originally written about unrequited love, evolved into trying to understand those who identify as an 'incel' after we watched an eye-opening BBC Three documentary on the issue," the band disclose. "It got us thinking about the power of the internet to radicalize, in this instance, the hopeless romantics, the isolated, the lonely and the socially awkward/maladjusted i.e. people a lot of us can probably relate to. It tries, unsympathetically, to understand the personality flaws that can make one susceptible to being lured/enticed into the dark and sinister online community of the Incel."

With the song's title being a word play on The Seldom Seen Kid, the 2008 Mercury Prize winning album by Elbow, and by way of its blunt lyrical content, WHS don't hold back at being critical of the bitterness and misery which come with their point at issue. The mystery and the gothic feel that the band consistently convey, go far beyond the impact that their masked presence seems to have, as the quartet keeps evolving at a steady pace, becoming more sharp and perceptive at condemning modern existence's flaws.


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