Secret Shame: Pure

Pure, the just unveiled track by the apparently unstoppable Secret Shame completes the band's new two-song release, Dissolve b/w Pure which comes out on June 5th, 2020 on seven-inch vinyl.

This time around the band try their hand at something more melodious, and succeed at bedazzling their audience while switching from darkness to wistfulness. Instantly the song comes across as a more down to earth and tranquil piece compared to the dark post punk resolution with which Secret Shame broke ground, although its lyrical content still deals with the pretty fragile subject that is mental health, and Lena's words and delivery engage like every other time.

Different but not far apart from Dark Synthetics, Secret Shame's new release is a successful turn toward a narrowly more uplifting direction, yet, it is also in every way grounded on the band's post punk and darkwave ethos.

Band photo courtesy of Transmission Publicity

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