Mountainscape: Resurgence

UK post rockers, Mountainscape, come to light with the first track off their upcoming debut album. Resurgence leans on the heavier side of post rock and post metal, and becomes an indication of the upcoming group's fine and distilled blend of progressive rock, doom, sludge and black metal, as well as their proneness to a moodier, relatively cinematic sound.

Mountainscape are a trio composed of Dan Scrivener (guitar), Ethan Bishop (bass) and James Scrivener (drums). Their first single evinces an ambitious project in the making, suggestive of the instrumental force and intensity of bands like Russian Circles and Caspian, while the song makes its strong mark by apprehending and maintaining the listener's attention though its anchored pace, absorbing build up and explosive outbursts.

Thick with distortion and all around heavy and agile, the song was mixed and mastered by the band's own Ethan Bishop.


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