Unwed Sailor: Look Alive

Instrumental post rock stalwarts, Johnathon Ford's Unwed Sailor are readying the release of their next LP, Look Alive, incoming June 12th, 2020 by Old Bear Records via Light In the Attic distro, and they've already shown a more upbeat and confident approach to their compositions and aesthetic drift with the previously unveiled, Camino Reel.

The upcoming album's title track is also on the brighter aspect of the band's sound, and fortifies the impression of a very much positive piece of work that Look Alive is expected to be in its entirety. The new single puts on view Unwed Sailor's subtle passages from synthpop and shoegaze, without overstepping in neither of those styles' territories.

There’s not one note on an Unwed Sailor record that I don’t believe in,” Ford proclaims. “This is an honest representation of what’s going on in my being. We’re not trying to fool or dazzle anybody. We’re just bearing it as honestly as we can.

The well structured seven-minute instrumental comes alongside a fine visual, once again created by Ford and Charles Elmore.

Video directed and shot by Charles Elmore and Johnathon Ford

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