The Belafontes: Seafood

Jess and Paul, the two members of The Belafontes, have different interpretations on the meaning of their new single, Seafood, with the subjects including but not limited to such beautiful idealism as "evil B movie surfer zombies, jerk ass beach bros and Captain Planet style ocean polluters," according to the band themselves.

The band's freshly released EP, Desk Job, follows Roll On from last year, and presents their rigorous garage rock and surf pop sound ripened and fully evolved, carrying properties from the genre's truisms, while staying levelheaded, direct, and getting the better of everyday life issues.

Seafood is an outstanding, upbeat surf rocker that the duo wrote a long time ago, and which found a firm place in the new EP's six-song tracklist where the soulful rock 'n' roll infectiousness runs aplenty.

The Australian husband and wife duo keep elevating their lo-fi approach, taking it to the next level by being consistently sly with their equipment and charismatic through their live presence, maximizing the already strong impact of their songwriting and candid rock 'n' roll sound.

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