Green Fiend: Stonedly We Rot

Since their inception in 2016 North Carolina's Green Fiend have come through with a few EP's, and a split release with fellow stoner/sludge act, Toke, and they now return with the very much dynamic new single, Stonedly We Rot, capitalizing on their wicked fusion of stoner rock, sludge and death metal.

"Stonedly We Rot was born from our love for old school death metal, and our desire to pay homage to that love by writing our heaviest material yet," guitarist John Stone comment on the new track. "We had been tossing about the idea of covering a song by the band Obituary, but in typical Green Fiend fashion we just couldn't pick one we all agreed on, so we decided to instead write our own song that paid tribute to the forefathers of death metal while also progressing and developing Green Fiend's already established heaviness."

Consequently, Stonedly We Rot doesn't only sound like an Obituary track at a titular level, but it also expands into being a complete tour de force of stoner metal fire, like a compound forged from the intensity of the aforementioned death metal legends, blended with that of High On Fire and Weedeater.


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