Okkultokrati: Loathe Forever

The second single off the coming album by Norwegian extreme/experimental act, Okkultokrati, is another piece of genre defying, black metal-reeking edginess, which just like the previously unveiled, Kiss Of Death, suggests a pretty intense and incredibly intriguing full length. La Ilden Lyse releases in its entirety on May 15th, 2020 through Southern Lord.

"Pushing beyond the grasp of simply life and death, crossing over despite one's fleshy limitations and mortal flaws," the band state abut the dark and fierce new track. "Everything physical decays, rots and fades away, but ideas are forever. Transcending life, contempt/alienation/(self) hate/loathing are eternally constant. Embrace the frostbitten darkness and ride with us to the badlands."

Cover art by Josh Courlas
Artist photo by Remy Eik

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