Okkultokrati: Kiss of Death

Norwegian heavy dark rock act, Okkultokrati, return with new full length, La Ilden Lyse, which roughly translates to 'Keep the Fire Burning', scheduled to come out on May 15th, 2020 through Southern Lord.

On par with its black metal colored album art, new song Kiss Of Death presents the band in very intense mode, pushing the boundaries of their extremities musically, lyrically and thematically.

Dionysiac, vocalist and lyricist of Okkultokrati, remarks: "Okkultokrati has always been more than being a band, making music, touring and making music. Striving to be something beyond the mundane and trivial. It's an attitude. In defiance. To everyone and everything. To not chase after trends. To seek truth in music wherever it takes you. To be an outsider and an outlaw, even though it makes you a freak. La Ilden Lyse is music for the misguided, the conspiratorial, the unappreciated and unwanted. It's black outlaw metal. It's a beacon in the dark, for desperate times."

Cover art by Josh Courlas
Artist photo by Remy Eik

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