Tokyo Tea Room: Half The Man

Canterbury-based band Tokyo Tea Room take a darker and more wistful direction on their new single, Half The Man, the latest example of the band's evolution from the dreampop blitheness of their recent past to a more ponderous psychedelic pop sound.

Created by Daniel Elliott (guitar, vocals) and Ben Marshall (bass) six years ago, Tokyo Tea Room are on the trail of a notable EP release, the Dream Room EP, which collected their set of recent singles from 2019. Their new offering is an instrumentally rich and vocally harmonious piece which presents a whole different aspect of the group's vision, still well rounded and delicate, but more heavy-hearted than ever.

Elliott and Marshall are joined by their friends, Beth Plumb (vocals and keys), Sam Teather (drums), Ryan Debling (guitar), and Graham Nunn (synth) who bring the band's sound to full realization.


Artist photo by Glenn Harvey

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