Badlands: Fantasma I / Fantasma II

Swedish producer Catharina Jaunviksna is the mastermind behind the moniker Bandlands, with which she has earned a lot of acclaim since 2011, and after a series of highly rated releases.

Genre fusing at its very core, new track Fantasma I / Fantasma II bridges qualities from synthpop, synthwave, dreampop, new age, krautrock, post rock and leftfield electronica into a exploratory mixture of progressive musical reverence and cosmic components. The song follows Hearts from late in 2019 which was the first piece of new music by Badlands since the celebrated 2016 album, Locus.

A ten-minute, mesmeric epic with a captivating build up and an impenetrable kind of structure which compels its lengthiness to ultimately appear way more concise, Fantasma I / Fantasma II feels and sounds like the artist's most ambitious endeavor to date. Like something out of an even more futuristic rendition of Blade Runner, the track couldn't have been a more roseate example of the experienced multi-instrumentalist's adroitness, nor more of a hooking harbinger of what's to hopefully come.


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