Babe Punch: Wildfire

Nottingham quartet, Babe Punch, keep delivering one punchy single after the other, getting the full benefit from their fine mixture of grunge rock and grunge, alluding to a myriad of broad ranging influences, yet, making a strong beginning of a characterful act.

Wildfire is the band's latest single, their most accomplished and most realized piece yet. More punk in attitude than it is in sound, the song bursts with vitality as it makes an impressive exhibition of a distinctive vocal performance by singer Molly Godber, in parallel with muscly instrumentals and a fine production courtesy of Rainy Daze Recordings.

"The song was written during a time of disillusionment and division in the UK and the rest of the world, particularly involving politics," the band remark. "We wanted it to serve as a reminder that while anger is valid and important, kindness and strength have to exist alongside it to really unite people."

Babe Punch are Molly Godber (vocals), Carys Jones (guitar), Abbie Roberts (bass) and Adam Fletcher (drums).

Cover art by Zena Davine

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