1 Mile North: Drying the Fuse

Since 2001 ambient post rock duo, 1 Mile North, have been delivering noteworthy bits of exploratory post rock in the form of four full lengths, a split album with Colophon and The Wind-Up Bird, a collection of home and live recordings, while their music has been included in documentary films like Facing Fear from 2013.

The band's newest album, Tombs & Cocoons, is out through Wortcunner Records and finds 1 Mile North in a truly invigorating and inspirational mode, bringing together the cinematic and the more adventuresome facets of their sound in a completely consistent way, through beautiful instrumentation, enticing build ups and an overall extensive variety of dynamics which fluctuates between pensiveness and audacity.

Firmly post rock in essence, yet through ambiance and subtle glimpses of drone and Americana, Tombs & Cocoons is a gripping listen which also feels like the most fully fledged of a band that's fully grown and accordingly well versed in their art and sound.

The seven-minute long, Drying the Fuse, is only one of the new LP's atmospheric standouts which gives a clear picture of the refined solemnity the duo evinces.

1 Mile North are guitarist Jon Hills and keyboardist Mark Bajuk.

Cover art by Eric Ogden

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