Ganser: Lucky

On a very much stable upward gradient, Ganser, return with the announcement of their sophomore LP, Just Look At That Sky, expected out on July 31st, 2020, as the band join the ranks of the great underground label, Felte.

Just Look At That Sky will include the previously unveiled Bad Form from last year, as well as the very freshly revealed album opener, Lucky; a brilliant, super tense and dauntless piece which presents the band at their most muscly and heavy yet, and which couldn't have been a more alluring harbinger of what's to follow.

The new song comes with a black and white short film directed by the band and featuring Tom DeFrancisco and Sean Gundersen, continuing Ganser's proper hands-on approach to their all round vision.

Ganser is post punk illustriousness and undeniably one of the finest the genre has to offer in 2020, and they're steadily cementing that notion with each new release.

Artist photo by Kirsten Miccoli Photography

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