HOTMOM: Crutch

HOTMOM are a hardcore punk quartet from Austin, TX whose sound comes through incredibly raw and direct, in line with punk rock's traditional values, yet, radical to a great extent, and full-blooded. The band's latest, five-song EP, Stupid Vegan Band, is out through Crass Lips Records in the US, and expected on a cassette run with lyric sheet through the Australian label Under Heat Records.

HOTMOM have already made their live presence felt through two US West Coast tours, and shared stages with Amyl & the Sniffers, the Spits, B Boys and the Paranoyds.

Lyrically intense and rough in a similar manner to the instrumental abrasiveness and the organic backbone of the band's delivery, Stupid Vegan Band, flows starkly from end to end, demonstrating a young punk act full of life and way beyond conventionality.

Band photo by John Byrnes

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