Gateway Drugs: Wait (Medication)

LA band, Gateway Drugs, will be releasing their sophomore album, PSA, through Future Shock Records in May 2020, and they have just introduced it with a brilliant piece of shoegaze psychedelia.

Wait (Medication) sounds like the most accessible angle of The Brian Jonestown Massacre mingled with the space rock largeness of Spacemen 3 and the punch of the seventies version of the Stones, all that psychedelically colored and adapted to a darker and grittier direction.

The band reveal that Wait (Medication) is about "falling in love with madness. When sustenance is stolen and your vice becomes your friend, your lover. Romanticization of loneliness and despair. The delight of debauchery and the consequences of excess."

The song was produced by Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes at Josh Homme's Pink Duck Studios, and it evidently becomes a promising first specimen off the coming full length.

The follow up to their debut, Magick Spells, from 2015, PSA gives a picture of "everything that is wrong in the here and now and the almost total state of apathy we all find ourselves in due to feeling powerless to effect any change with respect to all of this," the band describe.

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