NO WIN: Endless Scan

One year after the release of NO WIN's debut full length. downey, through Dangerbird Records, and the album's general acclaim, off it arrives a new single and accompanying video, this time for the song Endless Scan, one of the most direct and energetic pieces that record has to offer.

Composed of Super8 footage shot throughout NO WIN's very recent West Coast US tour, the new video equates with the song's immediacy, while it becomes a proper documentation of the band on the road.

"After making records with so many bands, NO WIN was my very stubborn approach to wanting so badly to make my own music again and get back out on the road," vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and mastermind behind the NO WIN moniker, Danny Noguieras says about downey. "When I started it, I was like ‘I know how I want to do this, I know that I don’t want to make my first record until it can be done what I consider the right way. It’s me being stubborn and hardworking and just waiting for this opportunity."

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