Kraków Loves Adana: Young Again

Hamburg-based indie pop duo, Kraków Loves Adana, follow their recent single, Follow The Voice, which was produced by Johnny Jewel, with new track, Young Again, released through Italians Do It Better, once again bringing together indie rock, synthpop and electronica to a seamless blend that naturally gravitates toward the more wistful side of dreampop.

Vocalist Deniz Çiçek comments on her band's new endeavor: "Young Again reminisces about youth and the time when anxiety, overthinking and unhealthy relationships were holding you down. Memories might be dark and painful, but you realize how strong you emerged from the experience - with that bittersweet understanding that you'll never be young again."

The charming, cinematic clip which comes with the song was shot in Malmö, Sweden and directed by another indie pop stalwart from another melancholic duo, Ebba G. Ågren of Wy.


Video filmed & directed by Ebba G. Ågren

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