El Lago: Moths

Texan shoegazers, El Lago, released their superb latest EP, Pyramid, in the Fall 2019 through Wallflower Records, on which they showed a very much welcome turn to a darker, post punk-bent sound, ultimately resulting to something very genuine that also stood out as one of the year's highlights.

Moths is one of the record's coldest and bleakest moments, a piece through which the band's density, dedication and forward thinking mindset shined, showing their keenness on approaching their art from a completely different scope. Now the song comes with a dark-tinged, sci-fi-like, dreamy and almost Lynchian new video courtesy of Lindsey Cooper and Sergio Trevino, starring the band themselves.

The band describe: "A song about fear that is grounded in reality but appears not to be to other people. / Paranoia noir."

El Lago have a series of dates booked in May 2020, subject to reschedule.

Video directed by Lindsey Cooper and Sergio Trevino

Upcoming Dates
May 2 in Galveston, TX
May 22 in Houston, TX
May 23 in McAllen, TX
May 24 in San Antonio, TX
May 29 in Norman, OK
May 30 in Denton, TX

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